THE EVENT Why Shag and Drag

Great Instructors

We work hard to cultivate an environment in which you get exposed to different voices and styles.

Not a Hotel Event

Breaking free from the hotel ballroom, we bring this event to the vibrant streets and killer venues of our City Centre.

Great People

From music choice, to venues and experiences, our goal is to present to you an event that highlights styles, immerses you in the arts district in Phoenix, and brings out your inner badass.

Trophies You Want to Win

Just like everything else, we put great thought into finding trophies that you will want to raise in victory. 

EARLY BIRD TICKET Learn new things, Dance hard, and awaken the badass within.

$ 399

THE VOICES Instructors


You want to be the best in the world one day? Yes, why not… Me too!

Jonathan Lindsey

Vintage Blues & All the Shag, Founder

Lisa Clarke

Vintage Blues & Slow Lindy Hop Badass

Kate & Julie

Collegiate Shag, 2017 Shag Strictly Champions

Nico and Steph

Argentine Tango Champions, Performers, & Instructors

Kendall and Ronnie Roderick

Shagsters Extraordinaire, 2018 SDF Strictly Winners

More TBA

Additional Announcements Soon...

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